A Passion for Literature

I have always loved literature, in all it’s forms: stories, novels, plays, poems. Storytelling is a vital part of all societies. As stated by Katie Elson Anderson:

“Once upon a time before words were written, before cultures and societies were observed and analyzed there was storytelling. Storytelling has been a part of humanity since people were able to communicate and respond to the basic biological urge to explain, educate and enlighten. Cave drawings, traditional dances, poems, songs, and chants are all examples of early storytelling. Stories pass on historical, cultural, and moral information and provide escape and relief from the everyday struggle to survive. Storytelling takes place in all cultures in a variety of different forms. Studying these forms requires an interdisciplinary approach involving anthropology, psychology, linguistics, history, library science, theater, media studies and other related disciplines. New technologies and new approaches have brought about a renewed interest in the varied aspects and elements of storytelling, broadening our understanding and appreciation of its complexity.”

Your Story

It is an honor to be trusted to interpret a great story. Finding the right tone is a two way street. You wrote it. You heard it in your head. I want to make your story sounds like what you heard.

My priority is to work with you to uphold and project your audio “vision.” I have a lifetime of experience in the theater. I am the founder of a Readers Theatre group in my town, as well as helped to launch a Shakespeare company. I have several completed audio books with many more to come. I also have a podcast in which I read classic short stories, just for fun!

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me. We can talk about your project, discuss the goal and see if we’re a good fit to make your story come alive!